Giant Chocolate Molten Cake

Molten or Lava cakes are the perfect dessert to finish an extraordinary dinner party or a special ocassion. The problem is that almost every recipe found in the internet is for individual cakes. We are bringing our recipe perfect for big groups of people.

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Baking Tips: Cake Frosting

End of the month again and it only means more baking tips, this time we are presenting 2 different types of frosting that you can use for multiple cakes and cupcakes.

We are explaining step by step how to make these frostings so you will not have any doubts. We recolected the easiest cake frostings so you can make a delicious cake without any trouble!

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Baking Tips: Pastry Cream

This is a new type of article where we’re going to give tips and all the information you need to be able to create amazing desserts! We are starting with Pastry Cream, a classic of classics. Pastry cream is so versatile and can be found in countless desserts all around the world. Strudels, tarts, profiteroles,…

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Coffee Mousse

We finally created a recipe for all the coffee lovers (including us), this recipe is all you could ask for in a coffee mousse. It’s full of flavor, creamy texture and really fresh. Perfect for a sunny day. Coffee is a science, all the details put into creating these aromatic and delicious coffee beans are…

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